Digital Hot List 2008


7. Xbox Live

A subscription-based Web platform that lets Xbox 360 players talk trash with friends across the globe during sessions of Halo 3 also lets marketers pin down 18-to-34-year-old males in a gaming environment, but without interrupting the game. Swelling from 6 million users to 12 million since the beginning of this year, it has landed sponsors including McDonald’s and Doritos, the latter encouraging users to create a game around the brand. Nintendo Wii has grabbed headlines, but in marketers’ battle for the living room, Xbox Live is the real game-changer, selling downloads of premium programming while delivering a expanding roster of original, ad-supported content.

Doubles user base to 12 million since beginning of this year • Content partners include Paramount Pictures, NBC and TBS • Recent partnerships with Netflix and Warner Music Group to stream movies, music videos

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