Digital Hot List 2008


3. iPhone

Yes, it’s a piece of hardware. But the iPhone makes the Hot List for single-handedly elevating an entire medium and potentially—finally—delivering a robust platform for mobile ads. To date, mobile advertising has been all potential and little payoff, with the average consumer still using his or her cell for calls and texting. Then, this past July, the 3G smartphone model sold 1 million units in its first weekend. With 82 percent of iPhone users accessing the Web, per Nielsen, and 37 percent watching video—10 times the average for mobile users—more brands are paying attention to the medium, all because of this single, remarkable little machine.

Estimated 8 million units sold, approaching Apple’s goal of 10 million by end of year • Even before launch, single-handedly elevated the mobile medium, as well as prospects for mobile advertising

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