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Twitter Outsources Ad Model Development


Twitter's phenomenal growth can be traced in large part to a decision the company made early on to let outside developers determine uses for the service. That's led to hundreds of applications that manipulate Twitter data in ways the company couldn't imagine.
It is taking a similar approach to the development of its business model. This week, two companies are working on ways to embed advertising with the Twitter experience, experiments that could pave the way to how Twitter will do the same.
Social Media, a San Francisco startup specializing in pioneering ad formats in social spaces, is introducing an ad product called Twitter Sparq that will embed advertising in Twitter streams by asking users of Twitter clients to answer a question in a message. Those answers will then be broadcast to the respondent's network, hopefully spurring conversation about the advertiser, said Seth Goldstein, CEO of Social Media, who calls the service "AdWords for Twitter" after Google's wildly successful self-service ad platform.
"You're basically buying the opportunity to have people tweet about your product or service," he said. Social Media will track tweets, retweets and clicks to URLs provided by advertisers.
Meanwhile, Federated Media Publishing has rolled out its third sponsored Twitter aggregation site, The site, sponsored by Universal Pictures, aggregates Twitter messages on film topics. It is promoting Universal's Bruno release by skinning the page with the Sacha Baron Cohen character and featuring his Tweets from @brunovassup. Universal will use the site to promote another movie, Funny People, due for release at the end of the month.

FMP plans to roll out two more brand-sponsored sites aggregating tweets in the next month. The model has proven to work, said Mallary Weintraub, manager of strategic programs at FMP, with solid interest in previous projects ExecTweets and TitleTweets, which tracked conversations around the NCCA Men's Basketball Tournament. ExecTweets, which organizes messages from top business leaders and is sponsored by Microsoft, has nearly 400,000 followers on Twitter.

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