New Skechers Kiddie Show Is Going to Walk a Fine Line


TV Spot to TV Show a Rarely Trod Path

When Nicktoons rolls out its Zevo-3 cartoon this fall, the show will be launching a short list of properties that originated in TV advertising.

The most notable recent example, ABC’s prime-time show Cavemen, originated from Geico’s ads from The Martin Agency. After generally poor reviews, the show was canceled after about a month. The California Raisins, which promoted the California Raisin Advisory Board, starred in a 1989 CBS Saturday morning cartoon series for one season.

Around that time, Domino’s Pizza tried to launch a show based on its Noid character, which appeared in its ads at the time. Currently, the Canadian animated series Will & Dewitt features a character that’s “inspired by” the Kandoo Frog in Procter & Gamble’s Pampers ads, according to a rep for Cookie Jar Entertainment, which produces that show.