Here's What the Most Popular Brands' Logos Have in Common

Deconstructing successful insignias to see what customers like best

What the most popular brand logos have in common. Illustration: Yuliya Kim

When it comes to creating a successful logo for your brand, it seems simplicity is key.

Udemy, an education marketplace, examined logos from 50 brands on Fortune's 2015 World's Most Admired Companies list to figure out what their beloved insignias have in common.

The infographic below, Deconstructing Successful Logos, breaks the designs down by color, typeface, shape and a few other criteria. And here are some key findings: Of the 50 logos analyzed—for brands including Starbucks, Coca-Cola, Facebook and Walt Disney—red and blue were the most popular colors. Also, 43 of the top companies use no more than two colors in their designs.

"There are only so many design ideas under the sun as far as logos go," said Shannon Hughes, senior director of marketing for Udemy. "Logos don't end up being that different for top companies. A simple design is most easy for consumers to understand."

Udemy also polled 1,000 people about the top 25 brand logos from Fortune's list. The survey found that consumers' favorites include Amazon, Apple and Starbucks, while most respondents preferred round logos (like BMW's or Target's) over square logos, even though square and rectangular logos are more common.

Find out more design tips in the infographic:



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