The Best (and Worst) Brand Extensions

Thinking of nudging your brand name into a new category? Good luck. But please, read this first

1. Zippo The Woman Perfume

2,106 votes
Even the bottle looks like a lighter.

2. Eva Longoria’s SHe Steakhouse for Women
1,688 votes
Opened (and closed) in Las Vegas. The odds were long.

3. Paula Deen Kids Furniture
1,437 votes
Aw, honey, better just stick with the gooey butter cake bars.

4. Snooki’s Supre Tan
1,419 votes
A self-tanning lotion from Jersey’s most famous overbaked celebrity.

5. Dr Pepper Marinade
1,265 votes
“More than Mesquite” (if less than palatable).

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