5 Agency Fathers and the Sons Who Followed Them into the Ad Biz

From Mad Men to digital integration, creativity spans generations

Photo: Constance Bannister via Getty Images


Whether it’s those who can remember the era of the real Mad Men—or their kids, who only relate to that version of advertising as an AMC soap opera and Banana Republic fashion line—the ad industry is often a family affair.

You have second-generation entrepreneurs like Donny Deutsch, who got hired and fired by his father David before going on to make the family name a formidable agency brand. And then there are those who are just as conscientious and ambitious as their dads. For Jim Heekin, now the worldwide Grey Group CEO, his namesake father instilled in him a sense of competition at an early age that drove him to attain the same kind of top management position in his 30s that his dad held at that age. As Father’s Day approaches, Adweek looks across generations of five fathers and the sons who have followed them into the business. Happy Father's Day!

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