Internet Week Gets Stylish

Kaboodle celebrates its fifth anniversary

     On Tuesday night, the Hearst-owned social shopping site Kaboodle celebrated its fifth anniversary with the “Fab at Five” party featuring the “first-ever crowdsourced fashion show.” A well-heeled crowd gathered to grab a cocktail (or three) and watch the “models”—a group of bloggers, media types, tech writers, and a few contest winners—strut down the runway in clothing from Bloomingdales, accompanied by the Kaboodle pages that inspired their looks.

     If an Internet Week fashion show seems like a strange concept, that’s exactly how Kaboodle CEO Anns Zehren felt, too. “When they came to us and said, ‘Let’s do a fashion show at Internet Week,’ I was kind of like, ‘You have to be kidding me.’” But from the looks of it, the show was a hit—and probably a very welcome break from the week’s more serious events.

     In addition to hitting the five-year mark, Kaboodle was also fêting the redesign of its website, which has more than 1.5 million registered users. The new site increases the social aspect of Kaboodle, with a “Style Friend Finder” that allows users to follow people with similar taste, and the “Trend-o-Meter,” which tracks popular trends and products.