Triple Mint Penthouses

By Jen Bekman Comment


Kim from Triple Mint sent me a link to their great item on New York City penthouses. Of special interest to me is the penthouse pictured here, which sits atop the former East River Savings Bank Building which was recently converted to lofts and dubbed Spring… Home (OK, that link takes you to some serious scary flashitude: everything is moving, there is some kind of ritualistic chanting going on over music that you can’t turn off, but there IS a lovely picture of the building once you suffer through all the crap.)

So, 60 Spring Street was the original home of Meetup, and let me tell you: back then it was more Barton Fink than it was Soho chic. And I liked it that way – the doors to all the offices still had semi-opaque safety glass windows with hand done gilded lettering. (Hot!) And the occupants of the building were a diverse lot. (<— Understatement.) Also, the owner of the building, if i remember correctly was quite a… character. Perhaps a UnBeige reader who also held a lease in that building can email some details in: jen AT unbeige DOT com.

Anyhow, Penthouse living – not so bad, huh?