Tag Time

By Jen Bekman Comment

lg_stemp_b.jpgThese little time tags from Boston based product design shop vessel caught my eye over on the Apartment Therapy site. I fell out of the habit of wearing a watch eons ago, becoming a pro at spotting the hour via buildings, other people’s watches, subway lcds. Wearing a watch was futile because I never even thought to look for the time on my wrist.*

Of course, now there are any number of devices in my view at any given moment that will tell me what the time is: my cellphone (though that is usually buried deep within my enormous, and enormously disorganized satchel), my computer, etc and so on. Occasionally, I want to unplug and travel light – when I go out on my bike or to the gym, I prefer to have as little with me as possible. These tags seem perfect for those situations. It would also be so convenient if everyone would please just attach one to their messenger bag, jacket or purse – this way my time hunting while I’m out and about would be infinitely more convenient.

*I’ve recently been trying to re-adapt to the whole watch thing ever since Ms. Spiers gave me a great M&Co watch designed by my main man Tibor.