Squeeze a Free Subscription out of Lemon


By Stephanie Murg Comment

lemon covers.jpgWhen the world gives you Lemon, the colorful pop annual, forget making lemonade and focus on snagging a free subscription. Founded by the citrusy, palette-cleansing duo of Kevin Grady and Colin Metcalf, Lemon specializes in “pop culture with a twist” and is offering UnBeige readers (at least the first 300 of you) a free one-year subscription. The twist? You have to go to this website and complete a brief online survey, which the founders assure us will take a mere three minutes to complete. In return, you’ll receive two culture-stuffed issues: the Kubrick-themed Lemon 3 (“A Clockwork Lemon”) and the hotly anticipated David Bowie-themed Lemon 4 (“Heroes”), out in October. Lemon 4 will include contributions by Bowie himself, cover superstars Daft Punk (pictured above), Apollo astronaut Buzz Aldrin, French duo Justice, artist Rex Ray, photographers Guido Vitti and Dimitri Daniloff, and literary star Laura Albert (a.k.a. JT Leroy). They had us at “Buzz Aldrin.”

Our lawyers (or at least the guy in a bespoke suit who wanders UnBeige HQ carrying a briefcase full of John Grisham novels and Adam Liptak clippings) advise us to remind you that, “in point of fact,” Lemon‘s free subscription offer is available only to U.S. residents. Both free issues will ship together when Lemon 4 is hot off the presses. Now, about that lemonade…