Quote of Note | Rick Owens

By Stephanie Murg Comment

“People ask why I do monochromatic clothes; the reason is because I’m thinking in proportion to the world. In this room, your head is going to look so much more interesting if it’s on a monochromatic column. Whereas I think people think of outfits and gets a little too fussy, a little too detailed. I’m always thinking of the line of a person standing with their head in a room and I always feel like a stalk, or a stem, or a pillar is nicer. I always think of everything architecturally. The furniture ended up being a natural extension of the clothes. Architecture is what energizes me most for clothes anyway. Looking through architecture books is probably by biggest stimulation.”

-Rick Owens, in an interview with Terry Jones in the “lights, camera, action” issue of i-D

Pictured: Rick Owens’s black plywood and alabaster “Boudeuse” (2012)