Let There Be Light

By Jen Bekman Comment

led_06_ChanelGinza2.jpgThe Architect’s Newspaper has a set of features on their web site under the headline Bright Lights, Big City, about the role of light in architecture. The most interesting one to me is the first one about LED technology. Here’s an excerpt from that piece, about the building pictured here:

…more designers like Darren Nolan, an architect with Peter Marino + Associates, which recently completed an eight-story building for Chanel in Tokyo, turned to LEDs to illuminate its facade. “We made comparisons between fluorescent and LEDs, but issues of maintenance, heat generation, and consistency of color temperature convinced us to go with the latter,” he said. The architects were also charmed with the ability of the LEDs, imbedded on the modernist glass and metal facade, to change light patterns each night, simulating for example Chanel’s signature tweed. While the upfront costs of LEDs were higher, said Nolan, in the long run the architects felt LEDs would be more cost effective.

The building has an art director who is responsible for programming different patterns into the facade! That sounds like a cool gig to me.