Lorne Michaels Admits Infamous SNL Eddie Murphy Crack Was a Mistake


By Richard Horgan

On Tuesday, Martin Short interviewed Lorne Michaels. It happened right here in Lalaland at the Beverly Hilton, as part of the Hollywood Radio and Television Society’s ongoing “newsmakers” luncheon series.

ShutterstockDavidSpadeSince FishbowlLA will go to its grave wondering how spectacular the 2011 Oscars might have been if Eddie Murphy had remained at the host-helm, we couldn’t help but zero in on the last paragraph of a report by senior Hollywood Reporter TV writer Lacey Rose:

Michaels confessed that he had made that mistake [making fun of one of “his own”] years earlier with former cast member Eddie Murphy, who at that time had had a string of box office disappointments. Though SNL had stayed away from some of Murphy’s more personal stumbles, he and his writers had David Spade take a [“Hollywood Minute”] jab at his professional fumble. “I figured it was kind of a clean hit. I didn’t really think about it; but Eddie did,” he said to big laughs…

Hmmm. To all those big laughers in the audience, think for a moment how you would feel if your current employer broadcast, tweeted or Facebooked how lame your latest script coverage/Excel spreadsheets/etc. are. Not so funny now, huh?

Murphy was absolutely right to be pissed, though he perhaps went a bit overboard in how he expressed those hurt feelings. And it’s good of Michaels to admit all these years later, when he really does not have to, that it was a dumb sketch move.

In case you’ve forgotten, below is some hilarious, mimicked audio from SNL‘s Jim Breuer recounting how it all went down.

[Photo of Spade: Joe Seer/Shutterstock.com]