Taking Out The Trash, 07.28.06

By Patrick 

  • More than 250 nominations for Hottest Media Types. Well done, Washington. Your Top Ten finalists in each category to come, just as soon as we stop drooling…

  • Keep your mouses pointed to Paul Bedard’s Washington Whispers column next week. We hear that he’s got some good stuff on Wolf Blitzer’s stress management routines, the latest on Jeff Gannon, and how Katie Couric is buttering up some Inside-the-Beltway big wigs.

  • John Dickerson gives us our props. Holla.

  • AP reports that “An Unreasonable Woman” author Diane Wilson is on her fourth week of a hunger strike to oppose to Iraq War. Wilson, founder of Code Pink, can be found in Lafayette Park. She is on day 24 of her water only diet.

  • Hotline Vs. The Note was not exactly the throw down we thought it would be.

  • Howard Mortman gives us New Republic editor Franklin Foer’s take on the super importance of weekly magazines. What 24 hour news cycle?

  • Is it ever ok to make a comparison to Hitler? The Washington City Paper says it’s a-okay.

  • If Slate’s Jack Shafer was looking for feedback on his “dumber” comment, he certainly got it.

  • In a recent WaPo.com chat with Gwen Ifill, a former viewer complains that the show is “too white” to watch.

  • Ann Coulter LOVES to be on the D.C. talk shows, even as more newspapers are dropping her column. But are we ready for Coulter The Movie? According to Coulter’s website, someone has produced a 40 minute documentary about her entitled, “Is It True What They Say About Ann?” Do we really want to know?

  • Says one reader (in reference to this): “How did a 25 year old groupie of an N Sync boy get hired by the Post, much less allowed to blab about such a stupid topic?!”

  • NPR scored the first radio interview with Floyd Landis on Friday.

  • What do you people make of Ana Marie Cox’s new job? Wonkette has a round up of opinions

  • Washingtonpost.com Database Journalism Wins Knight-Batten Honor for Innovation.

  • Need a quick laugh (or to crib a bad headline?) Check out the American Journalism Review’s website and click on “Take 2.” Keep refreshing the site to get the next, good laugh (just hope you don’t see one of your own posted there!)

  • Yawn…Another week, another Meet the Press Victory. “According to Nielsen Media Research data, “Meet the Press with Tim Russert” outperformed the Sunday morning public affairs competition, placing first in all categories for the week ending Sunday, July 23, 2006.”

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