Taking Out The Trash, 03.21.07

By Patrick 

  • The ladies have nothing to wear and the gents have no one to take. Hop to it kids!

  • An ABC release announced that “World News with Charles Gibson” was “the #1 evening newscast among Total Viewers and Households” for the fourth time in six weeks. “Averaging 8.64 million Total Viewers and a 2.2/9 among Adults 25-54, ‘World News’ outperformed NBC’s ‘Nightly News’ by 320,000 Total Viewers. This marks ABC’s greatest advantage over NBC in more than eighteen months.”

  • An NBC release announced that “Nightly News with Brian Williams” won “the key demographic adults 25-34 during the week of March 12-16.” Season-to-date, “Nightly News” continues to top ABC and CBS in the key demographic adults 25-54.

  • Another NBC release announced that NBC News will be the first news organization to offer its network evening newscast, “NBC Nightly News” in High Definition beginning on March 26. In addition, NBC News Special Reports, including breaking news and political coverage will also be offered in Hi-Def.

  • C-SPAN’s Steve Scully visited Little Rock Monday to make an address at the Clinton Presidential Library about Campaign 08, and to offer his thoughts on Mike Huckabee’s presidential run.

  • Slate.com is launching a 2008 Political Futures database, which aims to harness the “wisdom of crowds” to forecast the outcome of 2008 U.S. Presidential and Congressional races. Slate will publish hourly updates of key data.

  • The PEJ News Coverage Index shows that the probe of fired U.S. attorneys dominated the news March 11-16.

  • Boston Globe’s Alex Beam reports that NPR is reaching out to younger listeners with “NPR Zack: A New Space for Younger Listeners.”

  • The AP is hiring a News Editor for National Security.

  • A reader asks, “Why would the Post discredit news photographers (including their own) covering Valerie Plame by calling them paprazzi?” Check out this.

  • Michel Richard,and his restaurant, Citronelle, are nominated for an Outstanding Chef Award. Richard is also nominated for a book award in the Cooking From a Professional Point of View category. Citronelle’s sommelier Mark Slater is nominated for Outstanding Wine Service as part of the James Beard Foundation Awards.

  • The Atlanta Journal-Constitution business section featured a story on Motto magazine, a national business publication that was co-founded by Wall Street Journal veterans Anita Sharpe and Kevin Salwen.

  • From a tipster: “I understand at least eight reporters and editors lost jobs last week at the Center for Public Integrity. What’s the story? Just curious.”

  • A reader notes: “Politico may have beaten Jeff Birnbaum by six days on lobbying, but was a month behind Bloomberg on campaign finance. Bloomberg on Feb. 9 ran a story on how corporate PACs were increasing their donations to Democrats, the same story Politico matched on March 20.”

  • Carroll County Times is hiring a Multi-Media Producer.

  • The Virginian-Pilot Media Companies is hosting a Style Weekly Journalism Career Fair in Richmond, Tuesday March 27 from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

  • UCG is hiring a Medical Coding Reporter in Rockville, Maryland.

  • Business Financial Publishing is hiring a Freelance Technology Investments Writer.

  • Wonkette reports that their “call to action to get Mary Worth restored to her rightful place in the Washington Post” has “electrified and mobilized all of you.” Wonkette urges you to join the “Don’t Cancel Mary Worth Coalition.”

  • A reader comments regarding the Post’s new blog: “Yuki Noguchi is hot!”

  • DCRTV reports, “Righty political comic Dennis Miller’s new show won’t launch in the Washington radio market.”

  • A reader comments that the Washington Times Fishwrap blog “has really picked up since Pfieffer and Ward got on board.”

  • Hugh Hewitt’s Dean Barnett addresses the question of Politio’s tilt, and finds the real problem: “To date, there has been no evidence that a moderate site can draw eyeballs.”

  • From a reader: “‘Ms. Heard said Style has lagged behind the other sections online ‘due to the philosophy that the company adopted when our Web site was created — that hard news drives it.’ This is BS — Heard has proudly allowed her reporters not to do web-friendly stuff.”

  • Wonkette makes an interesting observation of Dana Milbank.

  • Another reader says, “Come on, Post.com. A photo gallery, a list of stories and a database of campaign finance info? Welcome to 1997.”

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