Taking Out The Trash, 03.14.07

By Patrick 

  • 80 seems to be the expected age to go.

  • The National Journal’s Patrick Ottenhoff starts at the Hotline Monday as their new polling staff writer.

  • An ABC News release announced that last week “World News with Charles Gibson” was the #1 “evening newscast among key demo viewers for the 5th time in 6 weeks.” It was also the only evening newscast “to post year-to-year gains among Total Viewers, increasing 5%; NBC declined 4% and CBS dropped 12%. This is the twelfth consecutive week that ABC has grown its Total Viewing audience versus a year ago.”

  • The Hill’s Arthur Delaney gives props to the Washington Examiner.

  • An NBC release announced that “NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams” was the most-watched network evening newscast, winning the week of March 5-9, in total viewers and placing first in homes. “Nightly News'” “+44,000 total viewer win last week represents a turn around, with ABC’s advantage over NBC all but disappearing since the month of February.”

  • Fox News tells us that during yesterday’s presser on Sunday political shows, Rep. Maurice Hinchey was asked his views on the NV Dems pulling out of the debate and if he agreed with that since the point of the press conference was to look for more representation on both sides. Hinchey defended Fox News and replied, “I don’t think they should have canceled it, no. I think that all debates are important. As long as they are open and fair, they should be participating in it.”

  • Rachel Sklar asks “What The Hell Does The ‘I’ In ‘I. Lewis (Scooter) Libby’ Stand For?”

  • According to National Journal’s People Column, Tony Kreindler has moved to Environmental Defense as the national media director for its climate campaign. Kreindler was most recently president of ADRWorld.com.

  • E&P reports, “If the Los Angeles Times wins the Pulitzer Prize for criticism, it appears that it will not be won by someone the paper submitted for consideration. Although the paper nominated three writers for the honor, the most allowed by Pulitzer rules, the apparent list of finalists, E&P has learned, includes two Times scribes who nominated themselves.”

  • Radar Online’s Tony Dokoupil asks, “Has the media learned from its mistakes in Iraq?”
  • Nancy Cordes (formerly Weiner) is leaving ABC News to pick up the transportation beat for CBS News in Washington.

  • From a reader: “You may start to notice onion boxes around town. I spotted my first this morning.”

  • The Associated Press is looking for an APTN Newsperson for its Broadcast News Center in Washington, D.C.

  • The American Association for Justice is looking for an Associate Editor.

  • A reader writes in to point that out that the Politico’s Jeanne Cummings has been on front page seven issues in a row.

  • New Postie, Anne Kornblut, admits that she doesn’t watch Fox.

  • Russia Today, a 24 hour English language TV channel, is looking for a reporter.

  • ME/ME2 Magazine is looking for a new Editor-in-Chief.

  • Campaigns and Elections Magazine is accepting nominations for Rising Stars of Politics until April 9, 2007. Rising Stars are people under age 35 who are beginning to make their mark in political consulting or advocacy. Each winner will be featured in our June 2007 issue.

  • According to the PEJ News Index, the Scooter Libby verdict, and its fallout, topped the news for the week of March 4-9.

  • The Freedom Forum announced that Bob Schieffer has been named the 2007 Free Spirit Honoree. “Each year the Freedom Forum honors one or more individuals for accomplishments that have stirred the public’s hearts and souls by demonstrating the human capacity to dream, dare, do.” Schieffer will receive the award at a ceremony March 21 at the National Press Club.

  • Regarding this, a reader asks, “Regarding your top post on WaPo. Aren’t we entering the fourth year of the war in Iraq? NOT THE FIFTH?”

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