Taking Out The Trash, 03.01.07

By Patrick 

  • So it seems that most of you are unimpressed by your colleagues. Almost half of you genuinely like 30% or less of the folks in your newsroom.

  • Farewell, George Michael.

  • C-SPAN announced the launch of C-SPAN Classroom, “enabling educators and students to closely track the issues and candidates.” Every week, C-SPAN Classroom posts free, downloadable video clips of candidate speeches and other events from the campaign trail that are “classroom-ready”, “and culled from C-SPAN’s noted political coverage, including its signature program, ‘Road to the White House.'”

  • AP reports, “The Washington Post Co. reported a 7 percent drop in fourth-quarter earnings Wednesday as increased expenses in its education division offset higher revenues.”

  • McClatchy determined a new scale for the annual cash bonus of some of the companies top brass. Check it out here.

  • Cox’s Window On Washington reports that the Electronic Frontier Foundation filed suit Tuesday in U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia to obtain the records that the Justice Department “has repeatedly refused to turn over records requested under the Freedom of Information Act about the oversight of the president’s domestic eavesdropping program.”

  • Cousin TVNewser has the complete schedule for Bob and Lee Woodruff’s media junket for the next few weeks.

  • FNC’s Dana Klinghoffer has been promoted to Manager of Media Relations.

  • Sen. Rick Santorum to become a columnist?

  • Journalism professor Matthew Taylor has a “sobering message” about he learned from the Scooter Libby trial — a federal shield law is necessary for reporters — “not going to happen.”

  • Check out Stephen Talbot’s online Washington Post chat on the third part of the PBS Frontline series “News War: What’s Happening to the News.”

  • A tipster writes, “To the whiners upset that the NPC discrimination wasn’t put in ‘context’ — glad that you’ve had seven women presidents. I still get 77 cents to your dollar. ‘Discrimination in the past?’ Please…. Go take a survey of how many women are WH correspondents or Ex Producers. Women are still the most under-represented segment of society in board rooms, on television, in Congress etc etc. Stop whining and start hiring and promoting …”

  • And another tipster points out that for Wednesday’s papers the page counts were as follows — The Hill: 56 pages, Roll Call: 52 pages, Politico: 24 pages.

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