Taking Out The Trash, 02.21.07

By Patrick 

  • With almost 60%, The Beatles are your fav, but one reader calls the Waaa-mbulance on what they consider to be our lack of music credibility: “Did you really do a poll on who’s better Beatles, Stones and LZ? Love the latter two, but not even in the same league as a band that actually changed music…I think a more interesting contest would be Beatles, Bob Dylan and maybe Elvis or Muddy Waters — people who had some lasting influence please….your current question damages your credibility…”

  • ABC News releases pictures of Bob Woodruff’s recovery process over the last year. “To Iraq and Back: Bob Woodruff Reports” aired last night on ABC. See photos from his recovery here.

  • Long Island University has announced the winners of 12 George Polk Awards for 2006, “bestowing honors upon journalists who have braved desert warfare, uncovered environmental dangers, revealed questionable financial practices and exposed controversial government and military activities.” Spike Lee, Jeff Kosseff and Sam Pollard are among the winners, as well as Robert Little, a national correspondent for The Sun of Baltimore.

  • Beet TV has the second part of Jeff Jarvis’ interview with Mark Whitaker who “was recently being named to an executive position at the Washington/Newsweek Interactive division.” Whitaker “sees opportunities in niche/special interest publishing and highly localized or ‘hyperlocal’ publishing. He says that consumer generated content will become increasingly important.”

  • USA Today shows how the Bush Administration is so opposed to leaks, that is except “when it suits their strategic purposes.”

  • DCist on XM / Sirius merger and Kornheiser’s return to radio.

  • Bob Orr Promoted To Justice Dept. Beat

  • Brian Montopoli finds out “What Happens When You Burn The Press

  • In Closing Pleas, Clashing Views on Libby’s Role

  • Tears and Fears at Closing Arguments

  • Libby ‘Told a Dumb Lie,’ Prosecutor Says in Closing Argument

  • Dissecting Maureen Dowd’s Obama hit piece

  • An update on Pamela Constable’s piece on foreign bureaus (sent in from a reader): She said the Baltimore Sun doesn’t have any foreign bureaus, but they do. They have three foreign bureaus. They are scheduled to be closed by the end of the year, but they are open now.

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