David Corn’s Deep Dark Secret

By Betsy Rothstein 


Mother Jones‘s D.C. Bureau Chief and Politics Daily columnist David Corn isn’t buying the whole liberal journalism conspiracy theory about Journolist as portrayed in a series of stories in The Daily Caller this week. In his view, Journolist was a progressive place for a group of “progressive journalists” who have “progressive ideas they shared with other “progressive journalists.”

In a story this morning, he very nonchalantly explains his involvement — yes, he was a Lister, but a lurking sort of Lister, not a blathering ex-WaPo Dave Weigel or former Washington Independent Spencer Ackerman type.

He said the Journolist was more bar than war room. “The listserv was mainly a fun place for folks to kibbitz, trade ideas, and argue over published pieces,” he wrote. “Think of it as a bar for journalists-without the booze, but with the occasional brawl. Sure, some participants wrote intemperate comments, just as they would mouth off in a tavern with friends, colleagues, or antagonists.”

Corn’s deep dark confession: “I was a member, mainly a lurker; I haven’t posted anything in years. And, truth be told, when I did post it usually was to promote a column or article I had written, seeking links.”