Zynga Bringing Offers In House with DoubleDing?

doubleding-logoWhile Zynga has partnered with a variety of offer monetization platforms over the years, we’ve been hearing that the company has been increasingly driving some users to an offer network it may either own or be strongly allied with. Now, we know the name of that service – DoubleDing.

While we haven’t been able to confirm if DoubleDing is either owned by Zynga or is a separate entity controlled by the company, its executives, or investors – Zynga has not responded to our request for comment yet – we do believe that it’s part of Zynga’s strategy to bring a greater part of the monetization value chain closer to being in-house.

Why would Zynga want to do so? Two reasons:

  1. Better margins – This part is clear.
  2. Market insight – Zynga could gain a clearer understanding of which game developers it wants to acquire or compete with. It will have its own data about which types of offers work best for which games, and if it distributes the service to third-parties, it will learn about them as well.

For now, the only easily accessible info on DoubleDing is available on its support site. But we’re hearing that its offers are being shown globally, especially in Europe.