‘Zine Sweep

'Zine Sweep

That Vogue should make us feel sartorially inferior is a given. But now we’ve been shamed on our own turf! The fashion bible’s online presence, Style.com, today introduces us to things we really ought to know more about: really cool ‘zines. (Though this is, perhaps, why Style.com has an Ellie and we do not.)

Thank heavens for some familiar suspects: Tokion‘s old news, we’ve done Peter Arkle, and Found magazine is a perennial Unbeige favorite.

But then there are these undiscovered beauties:

Parfait, hand-stitched and letter-pressed by founder Emily Larned, is:

An artist’s workbook of ideas: essays, creative nonfiction, pictures, & experiments. Topics include (but are by no means limited to): Paul McCartney’s solo records, Norwegian knitting patterns, natural history museums, Alain Delon vs. Jean-Paul Belmondo, category mistakes, modernity in the mid-19th century, reviews of out-of-print books, Red Pandas, grammar workbook errors, and the relative scariness of dry vs. wet monsters.

It’s also completely gorgeous:

You can buy Parfait from Booklyn.org (Larned is the vice president of Booklyn, a nonprofit artists’ collective where you can also find cool stuff by Chuck Close and John Hodgman.)

Also check out Skate Tough You Little Girls, the pet project of a 32-year-old librarian skate punk; Slave to the Needles, which finds its niche in indie rockers who knit; and Larceny, published to coincide with Barry “Twist” McGee’s installation at the Deitch Projects.

(Related tangent: Dig the Deitch Project’s website, fashioned after old-school Warhol Brillo boxes.)

Thanks to Clotheshoarse for the link.