What’s Zeke Miller Tweeting On His ‘Much-Needed And Delayed’ Break?

Old habits do die hard.

Zeke Miller announced yesterday on Twitter that after 14 months, it was his last day reporting for BuzzFeed. “I’m taking a much-needed and delayed post-campaign break over the next few days,” he said.

It came as somewhat of a surprise that he was leaving BuzzFeed, where he became a star reporter in the presidential election. But it was even more of a surprise that he’d be taking a “break.” He sends out tweets faster than the time it takes Piers Morgan to snap a selfie at the… well, anywhere.

One wonders what Twitter would be like without Miller rapidly sending out quotes from White House Press Secretary Jay Carney. Or bits of President Obama‘s schedule as they come into his email.

While the news world spun along, Miller would surely be lying on a white sandy beach somewhere, donning nothing more than a straw hat, a pair of hibiscus flower-patterned swim shorts and a dab of white sunscreen on his nose. He’d be sipping something exotic from a a half coconut, maybe stopping only to read Mike Allen’s “Playbook” on an Amazon Kindle.

Not so. After sending his final tweet at 11:04 p.m. yesterday, he picked back up at a cheery 6:01 a.m. today. 1. “WH Official: Today the President will urge Congressional Republicans to come to the table and compromise to find a solution to avert the…” He followed up with: 2. “WH official even annotated Rigell quote to add ‘…[a compromise that includes closing tax loopholes] & not reject it outright.’”

All of Miller’s tweets since this morning have been White House news-related.

“Old habits,” Miller said when we asked why he isn’t prancing around in a hidden oasis somewhere. “I’ll be off the rest of the day though – driving up to Philly to visit my sister. #veryexciting.”

For the sake of Zeke’s downtime, let’s hope “off the rest of the day” actually means “off the rest of the day.”