Zaha Comes Home


A great feature story in yesterday’s Guardian about uber-architect Zaha Hadid’s sort-of-homecoming by finally unveiling her first building in her long-time residence in England. Despite having had an office in London for the past twenty-six years, she’d never once done anything in her own neck of the woods. But that’s all changing when the doors to the Maggie’s Center, a medical facility which is part of the Victoria Hospital in Fife. From the article, you learn why its development has been an incredibly personal journey for Hadid. Here’s some:

Zaha Hadid’s building is not the sort of thing you would expect to see within the grounds of any NHS trust hospital, much less one whose main exposed feature beyond its rectangular tower block is its car park. But Hadid and her client spotted an opportunity. On the edge of the car park there is a wilderness dipping into a hollow, and by placing a small building on its edge facing away from the hospital a sense of calm may be obtained by those within it. The seamless fold of the steel structure suggests a single cell before it starts to multiply and cause havoc; after the bad news and the uncomfortable treatment in the main building, a person may return to a state of wellbeing and poise in an atmosphere of mutual support.