Yves Behar Prepares Exhibitions for His Curatorial Debut, ‘TechnoCraft’


Not that any of the previous couple of years were too shabby, but 2010 is shaping up to be Yves Behar‘s year. He’s made eyeglasses for students in Mexico, had a high-profile roll out for Puma, his underwear continues to be popular, and he even made a cleaning robot. Now he’s moving slightly out of his product design wheelhouse and branching out into curating. Opening July 9th, Behar will make his curatorial debut at San Francisco Yerba Buena Center for the Arts with an exhibition called “TechnoCraft,” which “explores how the boundary between the role of the designer and the consumer is disappearing.” Here’s more description:

…the exhibition traces the current trend in design away from fixed objects toward open “design platforms” that invite people to participate in the creative process. Selected works span the spectrum from intentionally collaborative (such as platforms where individuals can customize their products) to outsider hacks, where “finished” products are adapted or modified by the user. Special attention is paid to the intersection of technology and craft that encourages an unprecedented level of user participation with profound implications for the future of design and experience making.

For a sneak peak, Aric Chen over at Paper got an early look at the exhibition and reports on all how the ambitious project all comes together in the space.