Yuck! T-Mobile HTC Touch Pro2 Doesn’t Embed GPS Location Data in Photos

The T-Mobile HTC Touch Pro2 is not a horrible phone. If it were, I would have returned it within the 14-day buyer’s grace period. But, it seems like I find more and more omissions and annoyances that is devaluing its worth to me daily. The latest disappointment is:

The Touch Pro2 does not store GPS location information in a photo files EXIF data

Knowing where a photo is taken is useful and just plain interesting to most of us. Anyone who has used Apple’s iPhone 09 or Google’s new Picasa 3.5 understands how great it is to see points on a map telling you where you took your photos. The Touch Pro2 seems to have a decent GPS subsystem in it. But, none of the photos I’ve taken has any location inforamtion embedded in it. And, I can’t find any option or setting to turn on embedding GPS location data in my TP2 photos.

Am I missing something? Is this setting buried so deep that I haven’t found it yet?