Your Hip, Lifeless Friend


You know you’ve latched on to something good when you’re both impressed by it and also, equally horrified. These, of course, were the sensations I had when I ran across the Die Single-Tapete site. Perhaps you’ve seen it, as their media section lists quite a few places they’ve gotten press from. If not, and you’re as virginal to this idea as lilly white me was, the scoop is that this company makes hip wallpaper that includes photos of hip, attractive people, sitting around doing hip things. Idea being that when you come home all alone, just like every night, and flip on the light, you’ll have someone there with you. Creepy, right? But there’s part of me that thinks, “This is a great idea that’s going to make a lot of money.” Because, really, it’s essentially just the same idea as this Fathead thing that’s been a big hit (just large screened photos of sports starts that you can safely stick on your walls). When I saw spots for that last Fall, I went through the same off-put/interested reaction. So, yes, if you’re a designer and you have some nutty idea that involves sticking photos of things on walls, go for it. Because surely, against all odds, they will be hung on people’s walls. Not my walls. Other people’s.