Your Evolving Career: A Work In Progress

Heard at panel #2 at the Career Circus:

“There’s no place for cold calling. Ever.”

“‘We [1st-generation immigrants] did in 10 years what some people can’t do in a lifetime. We were hungry, we grabbed on to whatever we could get and we weren’t picky.’ Be vicious. It’s a matter of survival. This is a new economy and corporate America has made us very comfortable. Now you have an opportunity to create whatever you want. Just be really hungry about it, and you’ll get it.”

“Employers’ mentality is changing, so your mentality has to change too. You can make more money and work fewer hours on your own time as a consultant. We need to get out of the J-O-B mentality.”

“Entrepreneurship is how every major company was built. There is no security in corporate America so why not take control and do it yourself?”

“But corporate America is a great client to have. I’m in by 9:30 and out by 5:30 and they have a great cafeteria on the top floor.”