WSJ Connects With its Feminine Side

Lynda-Carter---Wonder-Woman-Photograph-C10101726.jpgHot on the heels of a lot of chatter about whether the media has been sexist in its coverage of Hillary Clinton comes a new online section at the Wall Street Journal called “Journal Women” launching today. According to the release the section will offer “a daily dose of blog items, articles and columns on topics ranging from work-life balance to women with high-flying jobs, and from lifestyle to women in the news.”

Today’s feature: “Are Women Getting What Women Want?” Hmm, well, speaking solely for ourselves, if this fourth wave that’s apparently rolling our way in the wake of a Clinton candidacy accomplishes anything, then we think a nice place to start might be by getting rid of this “separate but equal” status “women’s” stories occupy in the in the mainstream media. Jezebel, notwithstanding (also known as, the exception that proves the rule).