Writer Counts Down Rancid James Lipton Interviews

Over at Nerve.com, contributor Rod Bastanmehr has come up with a fun way to tease the 18th season of Bravo’s Inside the Actors Studio, which debuts later this month. He counts down what he believes to be the five worst episodes in the show’s history.

There’s no doubt that over the years, host James Lipton has anchored countless hours of insightful conversation and provided the inspiration for one of Will Ferrell‘s most enduring SNL recurring bits. But every once in a while, as Bastanmehr so accurately points out, the program goes off the Method rails, usually because the featured guest in no way fits the Stanlislavski bill.

To find out who Bastanmehr thinks was the worst of all time, you’ll have to click through to the article. The only questionable selection on this chronicler’s list, as several comments also note, is Lipton’s 2004 conversation with Charlize Theron. The Oscar winning actress really does not belong alongside the likes of Tim Allen and Martin Lawrence.

Speaking of Nerve.com, though it is primarily a content site, the New York headquartered operation has recently gotten into the online dating game with Nerve Dating. This very unusual sideline revenue stream grab expands further tomorrow, when the west coast end beta launches officially in LA. Maybe the service can encourage first daters to use Lipton’s famous end-of-show questionnaire, to break the ice.