Workforce of the Future Conference: Nobody Needs Journalists

Last Workforce of the Future post today, we swear.

In another panel, called “Supply and Demand: Where Are the Jobs and Who Will Fill Them?” panelists mostly discussed why the economy was being held back by a lack of educated jobseekers. (This mostly seemed to focus on skilled, technical jobs in manufacturing, engineering, etc., with a local factory owner bemoaning the fact that high school gradutaes weren’t able to properly read a blueprint, correctly calculate the diameter of a prototype, or even send an error-free e-mail to a client.)

But then there was this exchange, between Drew Greenblatt, the factory owner, and panel moderator Jason Dick, the editor of CongressDaily:

Greenblatt: Regarding the skills mismatch. Northrop Grumman has over 1500 openings. A lot of this mismatch we’re talking about, is a lot of our colleges are graduating a disproportionate number of engineering, math, science students compared to what the economy needs. I think we’re graduating too many students for other careers nobody needs.
Dick: Like journalism.
Greenblatt: Like journalism.

Ouch. Obviously, Greenblatt didn’t mean to say that journalism is unnecessary–that’s just a consequence of speaking off the cuff without prepared remarks. But maybe nobody needs journalists anymore? Or that all the young journos who can’t find jobs are just victims of supply and demand?