Woodward’s 3-Wood

bobwoodward6.jpgBob Woodward has a slightly magical aura in Washington–despite the fact that he’s been here for three decades and held nearly every position at the Washington Post (including a few that they made up just for him), he still lends a certain gravitas to any event he attends in D.C. In a city of people who like to think of themselves as bold-faced names, he actually is one.

At Thursday night’s event for the Cohen Group at the Willard, we spotted him sneaking in late and even as one of the only people in the packed room without a nametag, he was instantly recognizable. Other reporters, Hill folks, and DoD types wandered by to pay their respects as he munched on the snacks.

This weekend, the Post’s Joel Achenbach, author of the Achenblog, columnized about how it was playing golf with Bob Woodward.

“Any journalist could learn a lot from watching Bob Woodward play golf. After Watergate, he could have become a dilettante, could have written novels or hosted a talk show or become a full-time social butterfly. Instead, he stuck to what he did well. He asked good questions, cultivated sources, wrote best-selling books and kept hitting the ball down the center of the fairway,” he observes.