Women’s Health Launches iPhone App Like Men’s Health‘s App

women's health.pngiPhone apps are just one thing that magazines are looking to provide them with alternative sources of revenue, and it didn’t take long for Women’s Health magazine to launch an iPhone app of its own, after Men’s Health announced its app a few weeks ago.

On July 31, the women’s fitness magazine launched the “Women’s Health Workouts” iPhone app, using the same interface as the popular “Men’s Health Workouts” app. The women’s version of the app can be purchased for $1.99, with additional workouts like “Get a Flat Belly Fast,” “Fat-Burning Yoga,” and “Sculpt a Bikini-Ready Body,” available for $.99 and up, thanks to the new iPhone’s In App Purchase feature.

The app provides 16 pre-loaded workouts, a training log, timers and a built-in support feature that allows users to email Women’s Health experts directly.

“A high percentage of iPhone users are women and they are voracious consumers of applications,” Women’s Health Editor-in-Chief Michele Promaulayko said about the app. “The ‘Women’s Health Workouts’ app — one of the first female-specific fitness programs available on iPhones — provides our active, busy readers with the fitness advice they’ve come to rely on from us in a portable platform.”

The Men’s Health app has been performing well since its launch; today it is number 8 on the top paid app list in the healthcare & fitness category of the App Store.

What other magazines do you think can benefit from this kind of iPhone app?

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