Woe Onto 2012: David Mackay Hates the Olympic Park


It’s a rough time for anyone involved in the London Olympics right now. First there was all the uproar over the branding, with more info coming down the pike that 80% of Londoners think that the logo was a waste of money and 56% think it looks foolish, to now when David Mackay, the venue designer behind the ’92 games in Barcelona, has just come out complaining how awful he thinks the entire London 2012 Olympic Park looks. Here’s some:

But David Mackay, who helped design the venues for the 1992 Barcelona Games, said of the IOC report: “It lacks precision and contains no constructive criticism, it is politely and enthusiastically political.”

Mr Mackay has concerns about the design of the Olympic Park.

He said: “The architecture and planning as a legacy is more akin to an Expo fair with a circus act of ‘look at me’ constructions that could be anywhere in the world.

“There is a lack of joy and imagination, and with only four years to go delivery looks weak.”