WNYC Responds To Listener Anger

FishbowlNY spoke to WNYC’s Program Director, Chris Bannon, this afternoon about yesterday’s one day fundraising drive and how some listeners reacted negatively to the interruption of the Bhutto assassination story. ”We have a big audience,” he noted, ” (the reaction) is totally understandable. For some people it was a huge story.” Bannon also said, ”we plan these things months ahead of time … (fundraisers are) carefully premeditated”

The sudden and early timing of the story, Bannon told me, also had a lot to do with the lack of an understanding of how fundraising on a major news story may be perceived by the audience. Bannon was busy booking relevant guests and putting together the 2 p.m. special with Neal Conan. ”We were on auto-pilot.” Finally, Bannon notes that fundraising is the lifeblood of public radio, done so that WNYC can ”stay on track for what we need in ’08.”