Why Washington D.C. Gossip Sucks

For a primo example of “Why Washington Gossip Sucks” this week one need only scan WaPo‘s The Unrealiable Source, a cornucopia of gossip that doesn’t necessarily cater to Washington audiences.

Last night they had Bieber Fever. Why? Who knows? But the gossip gals felt compelled to write about Justin Bieber‘s paternity saga. Most absurd line: “His denials have only fueled non-stop coverage of the case. So many questions!” Really? Who has questions that can’t be answered on E!, TMZ, People, US Weekly, Perez, or the normal places we’d go for non-Washington related Entertainment news.

The answers to the so-called questions we’re dying to have answered have responses fit for third graders. Like this one: “Do a lot of stars get hit with claims like this?” Answer: “Maybe — but we don’t hear about it usually.” In other words, your readers and sources don’t tend to write you about this stuff? Shocking.

Read the whole dumb thing here.