Who’s Not Staying At Bloomberg’s BusinessWeek

Just a week after Bloomberg began interviewing BusinessWeek staffers to decide who stays with the company, layoffs have begun.

Among the victims:
Stephen Baker reports on his blog that Nov. 30 is his last day. “This was not a big surprise for me. I had made clear my mixed feelings. So off I go. It doesn’t mean I won’t be sad to leave, and today is a wrenching day to be in our offices.” He’ll be freelancing and working on another book, so hit him up if you have work to be done.

Damian Joseph tweeted that he also lost his job: “Laid off by BusinessWeek…. Sucks. Kind of feels like being dumped by a girl you really liked.”

And Steve Wildstrom, personal tech writer, tweeted this: “Just got word out of the blue that I will not be staying with BusinessWeek when we move to Bloomberg. I guess I’m on the market.”

And Shirley Brady, the site’s community editor, tweeted a mysterious-sounding message: “So folks, my role isn’t continuing with Bloomberg but I’ll be with BusinessWeek through Dec. 1st – and here beyond that. #staytuned”

Update 2:22 PM: Brady’s already fielding new offers, she tells us via e-mail—good for you, woman! “Pretty confident I’ll continue
to do what I love to do,” she says. Hit her up at @shirleybrady if you have a gig for a community editor.

Update 1:40pm: Jon Fine, who is currently on sabbatical from BusinessWeek, will not be returning to the magazine. His tweet: “some sabbaticals last longer than others: I will not be returning to BusinessWeek and my column once Bloomberg owns the mag.”

Update 1:56 pm:: Amy Choi is out too.

Update: Lauren Young, Rob Hof, and 122 others.

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