Who Is This Guy?


HuffPo’s Rachel Sklar was in town Saturday for Hillary’s concession speech and had this to say about the mysterious man featured in the above photo:

I don’t know this guy’s name, but he was a jerk. Rebecca Traister stood on a chair by the press area, and then he came over and demanded that she move because it was “his” chair, and he’d moved it there. He’d been away for at least 20 minutes. “Are we going to do this nicely, or what?” he said to her. Whoever you are, dude, you’re a prick.

UPDATE: We’ve discovered who it is…Newsday’s Glenn Thrush.

See the rest of Sklar’s photos here.

UPDATE: An anonymous person emails FishbowlDC:

I’m a reporter who was at that event. I am not Glenn, nor a colleague of his, nor even really a friend. I’m just someone who finds what Sklar did seriously annoying–and typical of (some) bloggers who issue snap judgments and insults towards stressed-out reporters working hard under pressure.

Glenn Thrush is hardly a prick–in fact he’s a really nice guy. He’s also been covering Hillary forever, and he’s a reportorial pit-bull. So I don’t fault him for being annoyed when someone cluelessly parachutes in to a major campaign event and doesn’t know the ropes. It was pretty clear that all the positions around the press riser had been staked out by traveling reporters who’d gotten there early for just that purpose (something anyone was free to do).

Maybe he was brusque–I didn’t see the exchange–but posting his photo and calling him a name is a pretty childish response. Bullying, even. Someone who has actually been a working reporter would know better.

UPDATE: Oh man! This is turning into, like, a whole thing! Says Choire Sicha:

Judging by the photo and description, the “whoever you are” (mmm, media reporting!) in question would have to be Newsday’s Glenn Thrush (pictured above), one of the best-regarded and most hilarious and helpful of reporters working during this endless campaign season—and also, dead giveaway, the only regular hat-wearer in that group.

UPDATE: Sklar responds!

According to Choire Sicha, he’s Glenn Thrush from Newsday, apparently “one of the best-regarded and most hilarious and helpful of reporters working during this endless campaign season.” Oh! That makes sense because he totally helped himself to the chair! Funny how Choire tries to make this an issue of sexism; I didn’t. Just general rudeness.

UPDATE: “GlennThrush” wrote a comment on Sicha’s blog post for Radar:

Choire, you are my hero. But she’s right. I am, in fact, a prick. I am writing this standing up–in solidarity–on MY chair.

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