White House Whining

whitehousesouth.jpgThere’s been a very amusing back-and-forth, involving lots of hand-wringing and whining and wailing, over at Poynter media news site. The whole story is not worth telling, but it involves a girl who cried when she got rejected for her internship at Spin, wrote about it, and the mean cruel people who make fun of her for being naive.

Among the fray participants was former White House press office intern Justin “Apologist” McLaughlin, who weighed in with his own gripes about the treatment he received from arrogant members of the press corps:

I learned what “professional journalists” were like my first few days as a White House intern, where among other things, I answered calls from reporters….

There was the Today Show producer who called me a moron, the Houston Chronicle reporter who threatened to set off a bomb because no one had called him back, the freelancer who called me 30 times a day for a measly quote for her measly spec article, the cameraman who yelled at me because security wouldn’t open the gate he wanted them to open, the photographer who had to be man-handled by the Secret Service because he ignored my instructions, the CNBC crew that got in trouble for moving a table in the VP’s ceremonial office that I told them not to move and the small-time Pennsylvania newspaper that thought it deserved special access to Tom Ridge, etc. You get the idea.

Good golly gee whiz. All of that behavior is just unacceptable. Morning show producers getting huffy? Reporters demanding answers to their questions? Local papers attempting to question leaders from their home states? What is this world coming to?

What on Earth could the White House press office be doing to deserve any wrath from people who call on the phone???