Which American Magazine is Felix Dennis Trying to Buy?

_42328498_dennis203rexfeatures.jpgOver at Folio Dylan Stableford has released a little gem from a forthcoming interview with Felix Dennis in which the Maxim founder, maybe murderer, and all round interesting publishing type declares that he is in discussions to but the rights to a well known American magazine.

We’re trying to buy the worldwide rights of a well-known American magazine while leaving the North American rights with the parent company…We sort of think it’s a win-win for everybody. This is a big company, a sensible company, but they do not engage in much worldwide activity. They’ve got a good title that will do well in places like India, China, Russia. But they need someone to go and do it. And we’re not going to do it unless we own it. And that means shared ownership.
Dennis promises us we’ll never, ever be able to guess, but that’s not going to stop us from trying. Send us your tips or guesses if you have them.