When Will The Layoffs Start At Condé Nast?

4 times square.jpgLike many media watchers, The New York Observer‘s John Koblin, who has been diligently tracking the goings on at Condé Nast since McKinsey & Co. was hired a few months ago, is eagerly anticipating news of layoffs from 4 Times Square. It’s unclear how the company will implement its much-needed cost cutting, but layoffs are pretty much a given. But the question on everyone’s lips is: when will they start?

According to Koblin, reduced budgets — which executives have reportedly been asking publishers and editors to trim by about 25 percent — will be finalized in the next few weeks. Then, it’s bombs away:

“Technically, any editor and publisher can wait until the end of the fiscal year — the end of January — to break the news to staffers getting cut. The 25-ish percent reduced budget doesn’t kick in until Feb. 1.

This means layoffs could start in October at 4 Times Square and stretch out for several weeks.”

So, mark your calendars. Looks like D-Day at Condé could be in October, while others will have to wait in agony to find out their fate.

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Layoffs Will Come To Condé Nast, but When?The Observer

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