When Life Imitates Box Office

Big_Mama.jpg“Harold and Kumar Escape From Guantanamo Bay” is going up against “Baby Mama” this weekend. Both are scoring high on the Rotten Tomatoes poll scale. “Baby Mama” getting 89% and “Harold and Kumar” a noteworthy 78%.

Both candidates are qualified and competent comedies. They have both enlivened and energized those that are loyal to the genre. It’ll be a nice competition between a guy with a foreign sounding name verses a super successful chick with crippling relationship issues.

It’s an exciting race at the box office this weekend – either a minority or a woman will get top spot. handk2posterorange.jpg

The winner is of course the American people – for once they have two good solid comedies to choose from. Yes We Can. Let the conversation begin!

Word on the street is that Baby Mama got made because she slept her way to the top and Harold and Kumar are elitists/secret Muslims. Check back here for updates.

Still it’s so tough to decide which one we’re going to pick! It’s ridiculous! We think they should just be a double feature and be done with it. SIGH. Maybe by August, that’ll be the case.

EDITOR’S NOTE: We of course, were going to really beat this metaphor to death and say that the old white male films debuting this weekend are “Rogue” and “Deal“. But that would be cheap. Not that we’re against cheap. It’s just that we’ve become accustomed to denouncing it in public.