WHCA Cracks Down on Crashers

WaPo‘s Reliable Source reports that would-be crashers at this year’s pre-WHCA Dinner cocktail parties might be out of luck. According to a memo from WHCA’s Julie Whiston, a winning smile and tux or gown won’t be enough to get you in to the slew of pre-parties held annually on the concourse-level of the Washington Hilton.

This year, guests will be required to present a printed invitation or dinner ticket to roam freely through the event. For more info, check out Reliable Source here and see the WHCA memo after the jump.

We are writing to each of you as contacts of your organizations’ parties preceding the WHCA Dinner on May 1, 2010.

In the interest of security and the safety of your guests and others attending the dinner, we have instituted a new policy regarding the concourse level of the hotel where your parties will be held. In order to reach that level via escalator or elevator, a guest must have either a dinner ticket or a printed invitation to your event in hand.

Beginning at 5:30 pm, we will have a table on the terrace level, next to ours, that you will need to staff with one of your volunteers who will have a list of your invitees and extra invitations to your event. This is to avoid any embarrassment or inconvenience to you or your guests.

Thank you for your cooperation and we look forward to a great event.

Julie Whiston

Julia Whiston
White House Correspondents’ Association