What’s Your Biggest Media Moment Of The ’00s?

mmm_2-3.gifYesterday, on the mediabistro.com Morning Media Menu podcast, I had a chance to reflect on the most influential moment for me in the past decade — and one that has affected my career in the media. Menu hosts Jason Boog, the editor of GalleyCat and AgencySpy‘s Matt Van Hoven also weighed in on what they considered to be the biggest moments of the past ten years.

For me, the seminal moment of the decade was September 11. I was a freshman in college at the time, a week into studying Communications 101 at Boston University. The planes hit the World Trade Towers as I was getting ready to go to that very class that morning. When the next class rolled around two days later, my professor — also the dean of the communications school — put a picture of someone diving off one of the WTC buildings up in front of the class and asked us if we, the future of the media, would have published or broadcast the photo. My reaction to the photo, and my own personal answer to that question, have shaped my view of the media and my job ever since. Having looked upon that photo countless times throughout my first semester in college, I have yet to see it ever again.

Jason also picked a moment in the past ten years that has deeply affected me and so many others in this field — the toppling economy and the massive layoffs in the media industry that have followed. “It’s a rough environment to work in and I think it shakes us,” he explained. “And I think we are going to be a tougher generation for it.”

Matt said the biggest moment for him this decade was “the return of the American war machine.” “Just the change of the American culture globally has been very interesting to watch, and I really hope people get back to the place where they love us again, instead of hate us,” he added.

Now I’d like to crowdsource a little bit. What were the biggest moments for you in the ’00s? Share your thoughts in the comments below.