What we learned this week: Friday afternoon wrapping-up

I know all my readers want to get out of work early today and enjoy the lovely weather. And/or go to Pottery Barn and return the stupid gift from your office Secret Santa. Why the hell would he think you liked embroidered coasters? And why does he keep looking at your Friendster page? He’s such a freak.

Anyway, here are the highlights of the media week in Los Angeles. (Except for that Rose Parade thing, which we will not stoop to cover. Free Stephanie!)

FishbowlLA’s Media Year in Review. I wrote that post two days ago, and I already weep with nostalgia when I read it.

John Lesher bulks up Paramount exec ranks.

The LAT gets a Oscar-sized scoop!

Tired of reading about the shrinking theatrical-to-DVD window? Well, read about the cable broadcast-to-VOD window, which just shrunk so much it flipped over.

When April comes, you’ll think of this post. Then you’ll think, “Wow, FishbowlLA sure got that wrong.” Or will you?

That’s all from me. I gotta go find a roadie who can get me into the Strokes show. And at sundown on Fridays, Claude activates his ‘Jewish’ button. Have a great weekend.