What it feels like to make the front page of Digg

A video chronicling what happens after you make the front page of Digg. How it was created after the jump….

•The video was created in roughly three days and is based on real experiences after this post hit the front page of Digg.

•The copy was storyboarded, along with sketches of the emotions, on a 7×9 notebook.

•The audio was recorded with a $20 microphone in a bedroom closet and mixed using Adobe Audition (and sounds much better in its original, pre-YouTube form).

•The character was created stop-motion style in Photoshop and animated in Flash using motion tweens and paths.

•Finding a free 40’s/50’s style font was one of the most-time consuming portions of the project. Analysis of the lettering of a retro ad using font analyzer WhatTheFont returned the pricey font “Sonora Pro.” The totally free “Honey Script” was used instead.

•The final product was converted from SWF to MPEG using SWF to Video Scout, which has a 45-day trial period.

Feel free to ask any questions or share any comments.