What Do Potential Voters Think About the GOP Debate Format?

A new Bloomberg poll asks the question.

When we asked your opinion about Fox News’ debate format in last week’s completely-not-at-all-pretending-to-be-scientific Friday poll, you overwhelmingly approved, both of the decision to use a two-tiered structure and to rely on national polls to determine how to split candidates.

Turns out, if you throw in some methodology and ask the same question of potential Republican voters, the results stand, at least according to a Bloomberg Politics poll out today.

The main point of the conveniently timed poll, well within today’s 5 p.m. cutoff for polls that can be considered for inclusion into the averaged polls Fox will use to determine debate standing, was of course to see which GOP candidates respondents would likely vote for.

But if you’re already going to be asking some questions, why not slip in one that proves your entire venture is worthwhile? And indeed, 71 percent of respondents approved of keeping the primetime debate to 10 participants. Now that’s a figure for which the poll’s 4.4 percent margin of error is a non-factor.

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