Whacky Stats: Android Outselling Symbian 5:1 & Windows Phone 15:1?

I have no idea what current Windows Phone sales figures are in the U.S. or U.K. So, I read this WPCentral.com report about UK online retailer MobilePlease that indicates.

Report: Windows Phone 7 getting crushed in UK by Android, being outsold 15:1

OK. Interesting. But, who or what is MobilePlease? ComputerWorld’s Preston Gralla notes that they are price-comparison site that people use to find bundled packages.

Android outselling Windows Phone 7 by 15:1, says retailer

So, MobilePlease’s numbers may simply indicate that the more established (now) Android platform has better deals (my speculation, not Preston’s).

WPCentral’s article also notes that Symbian based phones are outselling Windows Phone by a 3 to 1 ratio. Presumably this means that Android is outselling Symbian by 5 to 1. Despite Symbian/Nokia’s current weakened state, I’m having a difficult time believing that ratio is correct.

I have not doubt that Android is far outselling Windows Phone devices at this point. I’m simply not sure MobilePlease’s data can be extrapolated beyond their own customer base.