Weisman to the Politico: Bring It On

From a post.com chat today:

    Out here: A lot of your fellow reporters and editors have moved on. Whom do you miss the most? (Don’t suppose you’d tell us who you miss least but we’d like to know.) Also, do you think a Web site devoted to politics will give the WP a run for its money?

    Jonathan Weisman: Hey Out Here, I used to work on the Financial Desk, and I really miss our Fed reporter extraordinaire, John Berry, and our great international economics writer, Paul Blustein. I think they were a real loss to the paper.

    Frankly, I may live to regret this, but I really don’t fear the Politico. I think the denizens of the web like political news slanted to their political bent. If they want straight stories, I think they will naturally stick with names they know, the Washington Post, the New York Times, etc.