Weighing In on the ‘No Cigarette Branding’ Law


Returning to our story from a few days back about a possible law in the UK to go into effect that would ban any form of branding on cigarette packaging, DesignWeek has assembled a panel of advertising, design, and branding folk and asked them their opinions about the possible, yet nearly inconceivable law. Between the lot of them, you get a mixed bag. Half see that it might kind of work, others don’t think it’d change much of anything, and a few believe that the government doesn’t really know what branding is from the get go, like Jim Prior:

To remove all branding you first have to understand what branding is – which the Department of Health probably doesn’t. Sure, you can take away the logos, the colours, the visual devices, the pack shape, the copy style. Then you could standardise the card, the foil and the Cellophane. They’d still be branded. The only way to have no branding for cigarettes is to take away the cigarettes. Whether that’s desirable or not is irrelevant because it isn’t going to happen. Branded goods have bigger things to worry about than nonsense such as this.